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It’s sign of the times – Just how important is that logo?

Brands are the most important component of marketing. They are the way that we mark a product as being special and how it will be recognised.

Many brands are simply signatures many are in fact the original signature of the inventor or owner of the business as is the case in Coca-Cola, Ford and Kellogg’s. Yet brands go further back through the Red Triangle of Bass which was Britain first registered trademark in the 18th Century. But they go even further back to the origins of the marks of the Old Families of Spain used to identify their cattle before Texas was ceded to the US which became the symbols of the branding irons. Even this is not far enough back.

Pre-dating them all

Before we learnt to write and the development of the alphabet there were hieroglyphics but pre-dating them all are the logos of the original traders of the Bronze Age. These were used by mining and trading companies over trade routes that stretched from Cornwall to Asia via the Silk and Amber Roads. I am sure you will recognise several but bear in mind that they emanate from 5,000 years ago. They were trade symbols to communicate beyond language and country boundaries around the world. In a faraway land goods with these symbols represented merchandise that could be trusted; truly the original brands.

Perhaps that’s why we recognise them on big brands now, look at the front of many a car for a start! Or even the coffee you’re drinking… So when you develop a logo look beyond the simple word mark and create memorable symbol. We humans have had a lot of practice at recognising them.

If you would like to understand more around Marketing Consilience, the thinking around anthropology and other sciences and the impact on Marketing take a look at the presentation below…

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