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Achieving Marketing Superiority

New Product Development

identifying opportunity gaps in the consumer expectation.

Tarrystone can help you create new products to fit within your brand portfolio by identifying opportunity gaps in the consumer expectation.

Although strictly marketers our broad board experience means we can meaningfully contribute to the overall process and work in partnership with you designers and production management. We do so with a three step process :-

  1. facilitate workshops and think tanks
  2. harness consumer research
  3. develop concepts

The full new product development process from Tarrystone

New Product Development

The Tarrystone methodology in new product development

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The Tarrystone

As they waited he stood atop the Tarrystone silence fell. They knew him well and their trust was with him. He told them of what was right and what they should do. Then as one they went to do his bidding. ANON

The Tarrystone is situated a few miles from our office

Recent Work

SWINDON Silicon is a global player in applied integrated circuit design and production. Click here to view some more work.

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